S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

SPIN - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

SPIN aims to chart the cultural and historical root system of European nationalisms and to bring into focus those intellectual networks which carried and disseminated the emerging ideals of cultural nationalism in the Romantic period and in the long nineteenth century (1770-1914).

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New online: Instruction videos for SpInTime maps-in-time

The time-dynamic maps of cultural developments across Europe and across the 19th century (accessible under the menu header "SpInTime mappings") are now demonstrated by means of four short demonstration videos explaining how to use their interface.

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SPIN lecture 2013: Benedict Anderson

This year's SPIN lecture will be delivered by Benedict Anderson. The title is: Lost in Translation: The odd history of «Imagined Communities», 1983-2013. The lecture, which is co-organized with the Huizinga-Institute and the University of Amsterdam's Departments of History and European Studies, will take place on Thursday 12 September at 17:00 in the Oudemanhuispoort, hall D008.

This is the fifth annual SPIN lecture. SPIN lecturers in previous years were John Breuilly, Miroslav Hroch, Peter Burke and Anne-Marie Thiesse.

Proceedings of the Germanisten 1846-47 now complete

The second volume of the Proceedings of the Germanisten (held in Lübeck in 1847, as a follow-up to the Frankfurt 1846 meeting) has now been fully digitized as a searchable text and placed online under Resources > Writings. The session was once again chaired by Jacob Grimm, and many delegates were to become members of the Frankfurt Parliament the next year.

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Anne-Marie Thiesse's SPIN lecture now online

The text of the 2012 SPIN lecture, held by Anne-Marie Thiesse of the CNRS and author of the classic La création des identités nationales, is now online. Its title is The Transnational Creation of National Arts and Crafts in 19th-Century Europe. The text can be accessed in PDF form under the rubric "Outcomes"  (together with the texts of the other SPIN lectures) or by clicking here.

SpInTime improved

Dynamically visualizing how exchange networks evolve in space and time

SPIN aims to map the epidemic dissemination of cultural nationalism across Europe by charting networks as they evolve over time. A new, expanded and more flexibly interactive version is now online. These features can be accessed by clicking here  (NOTE: this will work in most browsers, but NOT in Internet Explorer 8).

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NEW: The Literary Imagination

Nineteenth century literature articulated a specific romantic of the nation. Almost all European literatures contain foundational texts in the literary foundation of the country’s identity. Many of these texts are online. Click here.

Announcing a new project: National Music

"National Identity: Cultural Transfer: Nineteenth-Century Music"

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Banknote database complete

The interactive database of national icon-figures on European banknotes is now complete. It can be accessed through the interactive resources portal or by clicking "Resources" > Banknotes in the main navigation bar.