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This database contains pictures and descriptions of national-commemorative monuments in Europe. Here are some instructions for navigating, searching and browsing the database.

Searching (by country or category)

    Clerics; Composers; Creative writers; Economists/entrepreneurs; 
    Explorers/adventurers; Insurgents/activists; Military; Monarchs/rulers/statesmen; 
    Painters/sculptors/architects; Saints; Scholars/scientists; Women.


Term-specific blanket search and navigation

  • You can trawl the entire SPIN database for a particular term or word of your choice by using the search box in the navigation bar.
  • Clicking the Monuments and statues tab at the top of each screen will lead you back to this welcome page.
  • The "navigation box" on the left will lead you to the various sections of the SPIN Interactive Resources.
  • The "toolbox" allows you to print records in this database or to create stable URL-links to them (useful for embedding in digital documents or for source-referencing).
  • Clicking the logo in the left-hand top corner will take you back to the main website of SPIN, the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms.

Relevance of a monuments and statues database

Further explanations and bibliographical references are given on the Resources>Statues section of the main SPIN website.

Disclaimers, copyright, terms of use

The images used here are from the public domain - many of them from Wkimedia Commons - or photographs made by SPIN affiliates and made available for this database. For an explanation of the wiki-style user interface, disclaimers, notes on copyright and terms of use, click here