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Welcome to the User’s Guide for the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe

This User’s Guide explains ERNiE’s various features. It consists of 10 pages (including this home screen). You can return to this home screen at any time by clicking the "Main Page" link in the navigation bar on the left.
In addition, there are more technical explanations on editorial policy and processing, transliteration of Cyrillic and Greek etc. These are accessible by clicking here, or else through the "Help" link in the navigation bar on the left.


  1. Main Page (This page)
  2. Starting a search
    1. The home screen
    2. The EXPLORE tile-menu
    3. The search box
    4. Starting over
  3. ERNiE articles
    1. The text and its hyperlinks
    2. Top metadata (Theme tags, author; function icons)
    3. Bottom metadata (Copyright, how-to-cite, article version)
  4. Beyond the article: Illustrations, Exploration box, Materials
    1. Illustrations to the article
    2. Display modes
    3. The Exploration box
    4. Flanking materials
  5. Exploring the materials
    1. Subsets and category tags
    2. Display modes
    3. The Materials (Letters, Writings, Music, Paintings, Monuments, Banknotes, Portrait gallery)
  6. The mapping machine
    1. The time slider
    2. Scatter paterns: Material diffusion
    3. Trail trackers: Mobility and communications
    4. Network constellations
  7. Other functions
    1. Stable URL link to a multiple-item selection
    2. The search path
    3. Future functions: bookify
    4. Future online functions
    5. ERNiE: The book
  8. Copyright; limitations and lacunae; future developments
    1. Copyright
    2. Limitations and lacunae
    3. Future development
  9. About ERNiE
    1. Aim: Tracing cultural connections
    2. Scope: Europe and the ‘Extended 19th century’
    3. Size: Articles and Materials
  10. FAQ

A PDF brochure can be downloaded here. ERNiE is a project of the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms, SPIN